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Our technology

+ Fotona Lightwalker Er:YAG / Nd:YAG – Hard tissue and Soft tissue laser
+ Biolase Waterlase MD Er,Cr:YSSG – Hard tissue and Soft tissue laser

+ Denmat SL3 Diode – Soft tissue laser
+ Denmat NV – Soft tissue laser

Same day crowns using CAD/CAM technology, combining the hands-on skill of the dentist with the speed of this technologically advanced system

Being able to see is critical in dentistry, and having a microscope with magnification up to 20x greatly increases the dentist’s ability to see what he’s doing. From laser fillings to root canals, the microscope is a great aid in delivering quality care.

Cavities and other oral health issues can be quickly detected. Digital radiographs use a fraction of the radiation of traditional film radiographs, so you can have comfort in the knowledge that your exposure is minimized, but the diagnostic information is acceptable.

Early cancer detection – a change in oral health can be the first indicator of a change in your overall health. Oral cancer screenings are recommended once yearly if nothing new has occurred. If new changes are noticed, please do not delay; call right away for an evaluation!

Computer controlled delivery of anesthetic allows slow and steady administration, minimizing the pain associated with injections