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Services We Offer

Many dental procedures can be accomplished with minimal injections and no drilling. This
eliminates the anxieties associated with either one.
Laser has been used successfully to heal soft tissue injuries as well as improve healing from
gingivitis (inflammation of the gums from bacteria). Healing gingivitis is vital to prevent growth of bacteria in the
pockets and preserve the integrity of teeth.
Laser has been used successfully to heal bone and soft tissue inflammation from
periodontal disease. It is important to eliminate as much inflammation as possible to prevent further bone loss
and keep the remaining teeth intact.

Many times, laser can be used if a deep cavity necessitates a root canal. Healing time is quicker, and placing a protective crown can be done expeditiously to prevent further damage to a weakened tooth.

Laser is used to restore gum attachments to teeth, placing tiny incisions rather than larger traditional incisions. This improves the appearance of your smile as well as strengthening the attachments, preventing tooth loss.

Losing a tooth is a common occurrence for adults. With permanent dental implants, preservation of your beautiful smile and normal bite can be achieved as well as preserving your bone density to maintain the remaining teeth. Bone grafts help to rebuild bone to prevent loss of teeth from bone loss. Bone grafting is commonly used with dental implants to improve outcomes and healing.

Beautify your smile without traditional brackets and wires! Correcting an improper bite also helps to preserve bone density and oral hygiene. The clear trays are easy to use and the results are remarkable!